The Saturday Evening Girls Club

1. What values did young women in 1908 North End of Boston share?  Why or why not do you think they are still practiced in 2017 Boston?

2. How did the environment of the North End help/hinder these young women?

3. Many people contributed to what may have been a perfect storm of success for the women in the novel.  Could/would it have happened without the presence of Miss Edith Guerrier or Mrs. Helen Storrow?

4. How would you describe the lives of the four women after the story ends?

5. Does some of the behavior as described in the 1900s still exist in the 2000s?  Why/why not?

6. Do you think that young women are supported, encouraged in similar ways to the fictional characters now?  How could we be involved in ways to help young women forge ahead?

7. Discuss the outlook differences and goals of these particular women.  What drove them in their lives?

8. What gave Caprice the courage to rebel against her parents and the way of life that had been planned for her, when other characters did not?

Etching of Historic Clark Franklin House