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About Me

I’m a Boston-based writer and consultant. Years ago I wrote an article about the Saturday Evening Girls Club and their pottery for Boston Home magazine. I thought it was such an interesting story in Boston’s history, and I was surprised when I discovered that no one had ever written a novel about it. I’ve always wanted to write fiction, so I decided I should be the one to write about ‘the Girls’.

Like many novels, the road to publication for The Saturday Evening Girls Club has been filled with starts, stops and, thankfully, a bit of serendipity. After putting it on a virtual bookshelf for a couple of years, I took it out, read it with a very clear eye, and realized I still believed in the story of ‘the Girls’. I polished it anew and this time I decided to submit it to Kindle Scout rather than go the typical agent query route.

I was thrilled when I was chosen by the Kindle Scout team to be published by Kindle Press. I was beyond elated when I received a call from the Amazon imprint Lake Union Publishing the following week, telling me they wanted to make me an alternative offer. Finding The Saturday Evening Girls Club a home at Lake Union Publishing is an absolute dream come true.

I live outside of Boston with my two tween daughters, two idiotic cats and one amazing husband. I like reading, running, cooking and drinking lots of coffee.

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